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Video: Solving Health Problems with Homeopathy

In this short video from the UK Faculty of Homeopathy, retired GP, Jeremy Swayne talks of his experience of using homeopathy in his general practice.

(The main points from his story are summarised below the video.)

In this video from the UK Faculty of Homeopathy, Retired GP, Jeremy Swayne, tells of how he:

  • First heard of homeopathy as a medical student on a ward round when it was disparaged
  • Then heard nothing more until he had been qualified for 12 years and a GP for 9 years.
  • Realised at that time he needed a better understanding of the dynamics of illness – better than what his medical education had provided
  • Developed some additional skills in psychology and insights into the spiritual aspect of some illnesses
  • Wanted to respond more appropriately and effectively to the multifactorial and multifaceted stories of sickness in patients’ lives
  • Knows that conventional medicine only really contains diseases rather than bringing real relief and prescribes medicines that produce hard to tolerate side effects. Though sometimes beneficial, they don’t solve the problem.
  • Was, and is, excited to find a way to treat people that really does solve the problem – homeopathy
  • Finds homeopathy is not easy and it doesn’t always deliver the goods, mostly because its can be difficult to find the right prescription, BUT has no doubt that he achieved more for his patients with it than he would have been able to without it