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Dr Stephan Baumgartner – Homeopathic Research Comparison

  • According to Dr Stephan’s experience in clinical research, studies mostly point to the same outcome:  that those treated with homeopathy at a general GP scored equally or better to those who are treated conventionally.
  • This raises substantial questions: if the homeopathic remedy is nothing more than placebo, how does this happen?
  • From his experience, real-world effectiveness studies are not taken seriously by other researchers or by public health evaluators, governmental agencies, insurance companies and so forth.
  • He thinks the problem is that one still has no idea how homeopathy works which makes it seem like a miracle or a normality and can’t be related to one’s way of thinking.
  • He thinks it is of the utmost importance to understand homeopathy’s mode of working, so that can be successfully integrated into the health care system.
  • There is considerable potential for homeopathy in the official health care system that is worth exploring further.

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