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Ebola Virus – an untreatable disease?

ebolaSteve Scrutton from the UK makes an interesting point when he argues that just because Ebola cannot be treated by conventional medicine, it doesn’t automatically mean it can’t be treated by other approaches.

He says, “…the conventional medical establishment cannot, and will not admit that a disease for which they have absolutely no answer might respond to a simple homeopathic remedy! They already take this stance with a large number serious (and for them ‘untreatable’) diseases such as Rabies, Arthritis and Dementia -so why should they do so with Ebola? Big Pharma is not in the business of being shown up – by a safer, more effective, and less expensive medical therapy!”

What do you think? Is he right or wrong? Read more on what Steve says at:

More Information: Ebola Virus. It is not an untreatable disease!

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