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Extraordinary Medicine — The Truth About Homeopathy

Over the past few years homeopathy has been under attack by groups with a vested interest in discrediting it.

In response, a new website, Extraordinary Medicine, has been formed to set the record straight.

It provides the real facts on:

What is homeopathy? What does it mean? What are the issues?

What is homeopathy? What does it mean? What are the issues?

Extraordinary evidence: homeopathy’s best research

The extraordinary evidence homeopathy’s enemies (and their media allies) doesn’t want you to see.

High dilution studies

Nothing in high-potency remedies? The newest research suggests that there is… something.

Frequent false statements about homeopathy… and the truth

Frequently-heard false statements about homeopathy. We set the record straight.

Mechanism of action

Should a treatment be used when no one knows how it works? There are ethics!

Intellectual terrorism in science

Do you think science advances in a completely rational and objective way, and researchers aren’t vulnerable to intimidation, dogmatism, financial influence and other human failings? Think again.

Homeopathy: a history of opposition

The orthodox medical establishment has been attacking homeopathy due to the threat posed by its effectiveness right from the start. 200 years ago.

Media skeptics: a popcorn gallery

And… they’re still at it! What drives today’s detractors? Hint #1: “follow the money.”

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who discovered homeopathy, is arguably medicine’s greatest unknown genius.

Learn more now at Extraordinary Medicine.

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