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Fractures Set Better and Healed Faster with Homeopathy

Fractures Set Better and Healed Faster with Homeopathy 11Homeopathic remedies have been used for centuries to accelerate the healing of fractures, enhance callus formation and reduce pain. While these benefits have been reported by patients and prescribers in clinical practice, there has been an absence of studies to document these improvements …until recently.

Between 2009 – 2012, sixty-seven patients with fractured ankles were recruited from an Indian hospital emergency department to take part in a double blind randomized controlled study. They were divided into a homeopathic and a non-homeopathic group and all patients received standard orthopaedic care for 12 weeks following injury.

The homeopathic treatment group experienced faster healing, and significant improvement in fracture line, edge, callous formation and fracture union compared to the placebo group. They also experienced less pain and used less analgesia.

More Information: Fractures: Heal Faster & better Alignment with Homeopathy

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