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Homeopathy Avoided Amputation

Indian Hospital

Summary: A collection of case studies looks at the treatment and progress of 5 patients, some diabetic, who avoided amputation when their gangrenous and infected ulcers were treated with homeopathy.

The publishing journal reports that the purpose of the case studies is to demonstrate how homoeopathy can can treat gangrene without amputation of the gangrenous part, and so should be strongly considered in the treatment of gangrene.

The patient pictures that accompany the case reports are unsettling but they do show the affected limbs at their worst. All were saved with common homeopathic remedies.

We’re not suggesting that you should try and treat your own gangrene at home but isn’t it wonderful to know that the same remedies found in home-use kits for coughs, colds, cuts, and burns also treat far more serious problems?

The medical homeopaths who provided the treatments say:

Abstract: “Gangrene and its associated amputations are clinically challenging, but Homoeopathy offers therapy options. In this case series, 5 cases are presented, in which the homoeopathic treatment prevented amputation of a body part. Homoeopathy stimulates the body’s ability to heal through its immune mechanisms; consequently, it achieves wound healing and establishes circulation to the gangrenous part. Instead of focusing on the local phenomena of gangrene pathology, treatment focuses on the general indications of the immune system, stressing the important role of the immune system as a whole. The aim was to show, through case reports, that homoeopathic therapy can treat gangrene without amputing the gangrenous part, and hence has a strong substitution for consideration in treating gangrene.”

Conclusion: “A human being is not compartmentalized into his organ systems. The body functions and reacts as a whole. Furthermore, the body and mind is one complete complex and must be treated as such in order to improve health outcomes. One’s emotions and thoughts have a great influence on the function of the body. The immune system not only responds to stimuli from outside the body but also to those from within, even from the mind. Unless this integrity is recognized and honored, we may be limiting our treatment approach.[3] By understanding the entirety of the human organism, any disease may be treated using the body’s power to heal itself. Homoeopathy uses this power and pushes one’s ability only as far as needed to overcome the disease obstacles….”

Download the full pdf report: Gangrene: Five case studies of gangrene, preventing amputation through Homoeopathic therapy