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Haitians use homeopathy for Chikungunya

BelleAireClinicThis unpleasant disease is making its way across the Caribbean and has now reached Haiti where recent homeopathic graduates report they are managing it with homeopathy – both in treatment and prevention. Read their full report in Homeopathy Without Borders’ latest newsletter, as well as the reasons for the remedies they have chosen.

This life-changing work can’t continue without donations – but, as HWB says:
“It’s not just about the money. Use your computer skills at home as an HWB volunteer writer, website developer or managing our website and database. Parle vous francais? Looking for bilingual homeopaths for phone consultations with HCs in Haiti and to provide written translations of homeopathic documents. Contact us today!”

Please share their newsletter far and wide and consider making a donation. What is a little for many of us makes a big difference for them.

More Information: Haitians use homeopathy for Chikungunya

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