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What Happens When 829 Patients are Treated with Homeopathy?

A group of happy people for this audit on 829 patients with a chronic illness who were treated with homeopathyA 2000 clinical audit was conducted of 829 patients with a chronic illness who were treated with homeopathy when conventional treatment had either failed, plateaued in effect, or was contraindicated by adverse effects, age or condition of the patient.

Of the 829 patients, 503 (61%) had a sustained improvement from homeopathic treatment, of these:

  • 357 patients (43%) had an excellent response
  • 146 patients (18%) had a good response
  • 6 patients (0.8%) became worse
  • 233 patients (28%) were lost to follow-up

Conditions which improved significantly with homeopathic treatment were: rheumatoid arthritis; osteoarthritis; eczema; asthma; anxiety; depression; irritable bowel; ulcerative colitis; angina; cancer; multiple sclerosis; CFS/ME; migraine/headaches; urticaria, alopecia; asthma; allergic rhinitis, and emphysema.

The 43% of patients who fell into the ‘excellent outcome’ group had a sustained reduction or cessation of allopathic drug treatment.

Healthcare savings were reported as being:

  • Reductions in allopathic drug costs
  • Cancellations of planned surgery
  • Reductions in attendance to hospital specialists
  • Reductions in physiotherapy, occupational therapists and counselling services

Full Paper: Audit of outcome in 829 consecutive patients treated with homeopathic medicines