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Heel to focus on core homeopathy markets

10338846_826423777387399_2759747121372669322_nHeel, a homeopathy pharmaceutical company employing 1,400 people worldwide, will close its business activities in the United States and Canada on August 31, 2014. For many years Heel has promoted the concept of improved patient health care through the integration if homeopathic and conventional medicine, but following legal challenges backed by skeptic groups now says:

“In the USA and Canada, manufacturers of OTC homeopathic medicinal products have been confronted with accusations through class action lawsuits. Heel Inc., the Heel Group’s U.S.-based subsidiary, was also faced with two such attempts recently. Both cases have been settled without conceding the allegations. The financial burden on Heel Inc., however, was substantial. In a subsequent risk-benefit analysis of its global activities, the Heel Group decided to focus on strengthening its excellent position in South America, Central Europe and Eastern Europe and to withdraw from business activities in the USA and Canada for the time being.”

Heel is one of the few companies sponsoring research into potentised remedies. Is this action by groups hostile to homeopathy just an attempt to stifle that research and restrict public access to safer medicine? What do you think?

More Information: More about Heel’s decision can be read at.

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