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Helix tosta – The Homeopathic Snail and Slug Repellent

Helix tosta 6C is a safe and effective homeopathic snail and slug repellent

Unlike other products, Helix tosta  has no toxic ingredients to harm you, your plants or pets, wildlife or the environment. It won’t irritate if spilt on the skin or poison if accidentally swallowed. It’s energetic effect disappears rapidly after application, leaving only a healthier and more resilient plant that is completely safe to eat.

Instructions for Use

Just add one pill to each 200 ml of water, shake vigorously, and then spray or water your plants. Easy! One vial of 100 pills will make up 20 litres of repellent. Plants will remain snail and slug  free for up to 4 months following one treatment.


Store pills and liquid away from light, moisture, and high temperatures (normal household temperatures are fine). Close range mobile phone and microwave oven emissions have been shown to affect homeopathic remedies. Keep your pills and liquid away from these appliances.

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