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Homeopath Treats One Million People

millionOne very busy homeopath in Agra, India, has been recognised as the most prolific homeopathic doctor on record. In his 21 years of practice he has treated more than 1 million patients.

How did he do it? We aren’t told, but many Indian homeopaths have a highly developed memory for the keynote symptoms of remedies, and if one unusual keynote is present in the case they can prescribe within seconds. A second possibility is that most senior Indian homeopaths work with junior homeopaths or interns who examine the patient and take their case notes ahead of the final consultation. The senior homeopath then quickly reviews the notes, asks a few pertinent questions, and makes a prescription. Finally, rather than the traditional approach of looking at the total symptom profile of the patient, some homeopaths choose to only treat or palliate the acute or surface symptoms with a remedy.

However this homeopath does it, with a constant stream of grateful patients, he has earned himself a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

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