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Homeopathic Arnica repairs sun damage

Green-bateria-croppedRecent research shows that Arnica 30C repairs genetic damage from ultra-violet radiation (a part of sunlight)… in bacteria.

Keep in mind this study was done on microbes rather than people. More importantly, it failed to take homeopathic principles into account, in which overdosing with homeopathy produces the very symptoms it treats.

Fortunately, this effect stops as soon as the remedy is stopped, but in the meantime, we don’t think any of us would want to be unravelling our DNA.

And, while it’s is nice to see science demonstrating the effects of potentised remedies in petri dishes, it’s even better seeing their beneficial effects in real people.

More Information: Homeopathic Arnica Repairs Ultra-Violet Radiation Damage in DNA

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