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Homeopathic fertilisers? It’s all about the dose

fertiliserFor more than 40 years, experiments have been conducted with homeopathy for plant development and growth. One of the latest research papers looks at the effect of homeopathically prepared fertilisers.

Do they work? Yes, and abundantly.

Once again, the homeopathic principle of ‘minimum dose’ is important. Fruit trees performed best if watered with the fertiliser just once a season, vegetables needed a monthly application, and root crops? Just one application at the time of planting. If the fertilisers were applied more often than this, productivity was reduced.

The take-home message for all of us from this research is that homeopathics have huge implications for feeding a hungry world, and homeopathy is best used (by plants and us), only when needed; to dose according to a schedule without first checking if it is needed is counterproductive.

More Information: Increase of agricultural crop productivity with the use of ultrahigh dilutions of substances

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