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Homeopathic Firsts

Homeopathic Firsts 11 Something for the history buffs; homeopathy is responsible for many firsts. Within one lifetime, its founder, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered and developed this complete system of medicine with core principles of practice that, unlike other systems, have not needed changing to this very day – something that is a feature of a true science.

On the way, he and other homeopaths conducted the first scientific trials on patients and medicines when blood-letting and indiscriminate poisonings were the way to go with the orthodox medicine of the time.

He described the presence of micro-organisms and their ability to mutate well before Koch could ever see them with his microscope and advised extensively on the importance of hygiene and nutrition well before there was any community or medical awareness of their importance. He was a man ahead of his time.

These and other homeopathic ‘firsts’ are presented in greater detail on the H:MC21 site.

It concludes with the following thought provoking statement:

“The fact that homeopathy is at the forefront of medicine is shown by another curious fact: all the arguments used against homeopathy were used in Hahnemann’s lifetime, and he himself responded to them. If no new arguments have appeared in more than 160 years, it shows that homeopathy does not conflict with any of the scientific advances during that time. Indeed, modern knowledge of physics, micro-organisms, drug actions, genetics and homeostasis actually tend to confirm homeopathic theory.”

More Information: Homeopathic ‘Firsts’

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