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Homeopathic help for haemophilia

genesA combined homeopathy and allopathy (conventional medicine) approach reduces the treatment costs of haemophilia, say two doctors involved in recent research awaiting publication. (Haemophilia is a genetic disorder in which sufferers can bleed to death from small cuts and injuries because their blood fails to clot appropriately.)

The Indian Express reports that homeopathic remedies were successfully used over a seven-year period with haemophilia patients for whom the allopathic treatment – replacement of clotting factors – was either too expensive or unavailable.

More Information: Homeopathic help for haemophilia

Further information on homeopathy for haemophila, along with study in which those treated by homeopathy had improved well-being, reduced frequency and extent of bleeding, reduced pain, and required less blood products, can be read at:

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