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Homeopathic Suppositories – What Were They Thinking?

Homeopathic Suppositories – What Were They Thinking? 9

We thought we had seen just about everything but homeopathic suppositories? And for infants??? What on earth were they thinking?

Perhaps in an effort to mimic a delivery method used by conventional medicine, this company manufactured homeopathic suppositories even though a number of easier and less invasive ways to give a homeopathic remedy exist. They can be given the standard way by mouth, or if that is not possible, rubbed onto the skin, or if even that is impossible, inhaled through either the nose or mouth.

Any one of these three approaches is safer and simpler than trying to give a homeopathic remedy by suppository – especially in the treatment of colic, colds, flu, and teething problems.

To learn how to give a dose by inhalation when the oral or skin route is not possible, read our next story: I Sniff at Homeopathy.

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