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Homeopathic Treatment for Ear Infections Better than Antibiotics

Have you, or one of your children, ever had an ear infection? If so, you’ll know the urgency of treating the Homeopathic Treatment for Ear Infections Better than Antibiotics 11pain as quickly as possible.

Four controlled clinical trials have shown that homeopathic remedies relieve earaches and infections, work faster than antibiotics, and that children treated with homeopathy are less likely to have their infection return.

The ear infections improved rapidly, often within hours of the remedy being given, and without side-effect, the introduction of new problems associated with antibiotics or analgesics such as thrush, diarrhoea and asthma. This and common remedies used in the treatment of ear infections are discussed in our article on the Homeopathy Plus website.

More Information: Ear Infections and Earaches: Homeopathic Treatment Better than Antibiotics

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