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Homeopathy “Cost-Effective”- Swiss Government

People and countries save money when they use homeopathy – several studies have shown that it improves health and reduces the need for medications and other treatments where conventional medicine has not been able to help. Now, a recent Swiss Government report confirms it. Dana Ullman, in an article with the Huffington Post says:

“In this day and age of economically-challenging times for both individuals and governments, this report from the Swiss government has confirmed the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of homeopathic treatment.”

Dana goes on to say, as just one example of cost-effectiveness in the article:
“…total practice costs for physicians who specialized in homeopathic medicine had an overall 15.4 percent reduction in overall health care costs associated with their practice, as compared with physicians who practiced conventional medicine as well as those physicians who practice other “complementary and alternative medicine” treatments (but not homeopathic medicine). The significant reduction in health care costs from homeopathic treatment represents a potential savings in hundreds of millions of dollars or more in many countries.”

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