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Homeopathy and Fish to Ward Off Encephalitis

Homeopathy and Fish to Ward Off Encephalitis 3

India: The Uttar Pradesh government is combating the outbreak of encephalitis that has claimed 117 lives in the last month. It is now looking to homeopathy and fish to control the spread of the disease.

The fish will be placed in waterways to eat the larvae of mosquitos that carry the disease, while homeopathy – following its “successful battle” against encephalitis in the districts of Andhra Pradesh – is being examined by the Uttar Pradesh government for use in its own district.

The divisional commissioner says, “These medicines are time tested and we plan to take it up intensively as it was done in the polio immunisation drive, door to door.”

Homoeopathy doctors are pushing for the homeopathic remedies to be used preventatively and not just for treatment once the disease has been contracted.

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