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Homeopathy and the Northern Hemisphere flu

685px-Symptoms_of_influenzasvgWhat homeopathic remedies are being used for the current influenza epidemic? Homeopath Paul Herscu gives a rundown of the viral and flu-like symptoms presenting at homeopathic clinics in the northern hemisphere. He and other homeopaths have identified five major symptom groups. They are:

  • Group 1. Weakness, shakiness, headache, chills and minor respiratory symptoms.
  • Group 2. Gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Group 3. Bronchial coughs.
  • Group 4. Heat, sweats, body aches, as well as minor respiratory symptoms and fatigue.
  • Group 5. Severe, intense weakness and lethargy, a disinclination or inability to stand for a long time, and an inability to clearly give a cogent symptom story.

If you would like to read more about the symptoms in each of these groups and their corresponding remedies, visit Paul’s epidemic updates. Southern Hemisphere homeopaths, soon to go into their own winter, will find the information equally interesting.

More Information: Current Influenza Epidemic – January 2013

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