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Homeopathy at the animal shelter

10559689_876479802381796_8482863769594262054_nManeka Ghandi divides her time between running an animal shelter and working as a parliamentarian. She writes an interesting article for Mizo News in which she tells how homeopathy has helped many of the animals. Read what happened when it was used for:

▪ Baby, a big black cat, who licked her abdomen raw and bloody (diagnosed as Feline Endrocine Alopecia)
▪ An eight-year-old cat came with conjunctivitis, photophobia, spasms of the lids, and a puritic, discharging otitis.
▪ Heidi, a 14 year old spayed female with a growth on her right eye that looked red and angry (local vet said “cancerous”.)
▪ Dudley, a 15 year old neutered male Yorkie with kidney problems.

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