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‘Homeopathy CAN cure Ebola’ says latest DM headline

Ebola_in_LiberiaRead the Daily Mail’s article in which they report the experiences of medical homeopaths who travelled to Liberia to help with the Ebola crisis, and discuss the claim that WHO “torpedoed” their efforts treat Ebola virus patients with homeopathy. While the Daily Mail is often criticised for its sensational stories, and though it clearly has a limited understanding of homeopathy, we think they’ve tried to provide a balanced report from the available evidence – and they’re the only news service doing so. The silence from WHO about this missed opportunity for testing homeopathy against Ebola virus disease is deafening. Once again, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would refuse harmless free medicine to dying people … but that’s exactly what’s happening.

More information: ‘Homeopathy CAN cure Ebola’ says latest DM headline

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