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Homeopathy for Cancer in Animals

Homeopathy for Cancer in Animals 4Vet, Sue Armstrong, discusses possible reasons for the staggering increase in cancer in our pets, common remedies she uses for mammary tumours, and the recovery of “S” from rectal cancer when she was treated with homeopathy.

Sue says:

“As a homeopath in the UK it is very rare to have the opportunity to treat human cancer patients with homeopathy in the broadest sense … In animals, however, many owners decline the use of radiotherapy and chemotherapy or it is deemed inappropriate for the tumours involved. There is often little to offer such patients other than pain and infection management. I have been treating such animals in the clinic for the past six years with increasingly encouraging results as we improve our treatment protocols in the light of experience gained.”

Sue concludes in part with: “The treatment of cancer in animals is not for the inexperienced homeopath or the faint hearted, but can produce extraordinary results.”

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