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Homeopathy for children: How to help a stuttering child

SmilingDarkChild_zpsfb3bf2d7Dr Yurukova provides an overview of the symptoms, risk factors, and homeopathic treatment of stuttering, and some tips on how to help the stuttering child.

Common stuttering remedies are also listed. For example, does your child:
– have rapid and interrupted speech; insecure and anxious child? Then they may need Belladonna.
– stutters when anxious, or their stuttering is accompanied by bedwetting or tics? Then they may need Causticum.
– becomes agitated after being asked a question; stutters due to hesitancy and is a hyperactive child? Then Mercurius may be the needed remedy.

Read more on these and other remedies here:

More Information: How to Help a Stuttering Child

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