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Webinar 7: Questions and Answers – What does it cover?

Webinar 7: Questions and Answers - What does it cover? 4

How to manage the health issues, behavioural problems, learning difficulties, and autism spectrum disorders of today’s children with homeopathy.

Webinar 7: Questions and Answers

Most questions were answered by information already included in the webinars as the series progressed but the following were either unanswered or allowed additional information to be presented.

  • I don’t have a homeopath near me so can I learn how to do this myself?
  • Where can I get remedies?
  • What sort of things happen during an aggravation? What should I be looking for?
  • You said that some see aggravations as a good thing and so try to make them happen. Why would someone try to do that?
  • My homeopath gives me pills rather than the liquids you speak about. Does this mean I am not getting good treatment?
  • You spoke about remedies made from serious diseases. Is there any chance they could be dangerous? If my child is prescribed one, could it hurt them?
  • Why do some homeopaths give remedies in series and combinations if that’s not the best way and safest way to treat?
  • As Bufo is made from a toad, how does this work? Are there laboratories that breed these animals especially?
  • You have mentioned test doses in previous videos. How is this done? Do you administer a dose in clinic first or do you use a machine to test compatibility?
  • Is it common for a homeopath to prescribe a patient and her two children the same remedy? Is it based on the younger parent having the same constitutional and/or medical dispositions as her children?
  • How long does it take to train as a homeopath?
  • How long does it take to become a good homeopath?

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Homeopathy for Children: Health Issues, Behavioural Problems, Learning Difficulties, and Autism Spectrum Disorders – a 7-part webinar series with PDF transcripts.

Webinar 7: Questions and Answers - What does it cover? 5

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