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Homeopathy for Croup

Homeopathy for Croup 11Debbie Bruck describes what it was like, before she studied homeopathy, when her young children had croup. She says:

“I remember sitting outside on the front stoop with my young children when they awoke in the middle of the night grasping for breath. They would wheeze and make horrifying sounds like they were taking their last breath. The cold night air seemed to help and the doctor said it would take a few days to a week for the symptoms to lessen…”

Along with the other standard medical advice for the treatment and management of croup, Debbie provides several video clips of what croup looks and sounds like and thorough descriptions of the key homeopathic remedies used for it – but she hasn’t included the one that could have helped her children. Carbo vegetabilis is one of the remedies for croup which is better for cold air.

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