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Homeopathy for Sciatica?

Homeopathy for Sciatica? 11

Most people don’t automatically think of homeopathy for sciatic pain but when the remedy is right it relieves symptoms rapidly and gently. In this article, Dr Shreya looks at the causes of sciatica and the specific symptoms homeopaths use for finding the correct remedy.

He says: “Most conventionalists rely on pain-medication that rarely helps beyond the temporary relief. Surgery is obviously the last intervention and often critical, therefore should be avoided as far as possible. Then what can be done? Is homeopathy effective? The answer thankfully is yes! As for many other nerve problems, homeopathy is equally effective in dealing with sciatic nerve damage.”

Diagnosed sciatica responds well to self-treatment with homeopathy just as long as the correct remedy can be identified. Dr Shreya lists the top five remedies for sciatica. Some of the others ones are: Aesc, Bry, ris, Kali-i, Mag-p, and Tell. If you are unsure of how to choose the best remedy consider paying a visit to your local homeopath who can help.

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