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Homeopathy for Symptoms

SwineFluVirus_zps2e422e4dWe are about to enter winter In Australia, and the local media is once again running stories about the threat of flu.

This year we are told the Swine Flu has returned in a new mutated form and it’s not known if the current flu vaccine will be effective. Even so, the recommendation is that people should still be vaccinated.

Every time I hear stories like this I think of how different homeopathy is. While vaccines are manufactured for specific strains of virus or bacteria, homeopathy is used preventively according to the symptoms of that particular disease. While new vaccines take months (if not years) to produce, homeopaths can have a matching remedy within minutes of symptoms being known, even for newly emerging strains. How would you prefer to prevent or treat – by strains or symptoms?

More Information: Mutant swine flu returns to Australia

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