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Homeopathy for Turtles

This gorgeous turtle received a little help from Cinchona after laying eggs led to blood loss and exhaustion. I am a Homeopath teacher, practitioner and researcher in Canada. I am blessed and proud for being a Homeopath. It follows nature’s law of cure. Homeopathy is the most complete universal medicine. It helps and teaches the body how to heal itself without doing any harm.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the principle of “let likes be cured by likes”. Patients who exhibit symptoms of disease are treated with administration of minute doses of substances to stimulate the individual’s natural healing process in order to restore and maintain health.

The principle “let likes be cured by likes” states that if a substance ingested by a healthy individual can cause certain symptoms during the course of “provings” or “testings”, then that substance can be used to treat individuals who exhibit symptoms of disease that are similar to those produced by that substance. For example, allium cepa (red onion) is a substance which when made into a remedy and can be used to treat the common cold. If the common cold can cause an individual to exhibit signs of weepy eyes and a runny nose, and red onion is known to cause an individual to react similarly, then allium cepa may be the appropriate remedy to treat that patient.

I have owned two pet turtles for many years.

Turtles are very interesting creatures. Their shells are so beautifully designed by God, and are mesmerizing. Although mostly calm, turtles have their own individual personalities too. They rarely get ill but if they do become sick, I use Homeopathic remedies to treat them as they are natural, safe, effective and fast-acting.

In the image below, you can see “KimChi” the female turtle. She is usually a “Nux Vomica” personality and this is her main remedy should one be needed.

In Homeopathy, some characteristics of a Nux Vomica temperament are: great sensitiveness to external impressions, irritable, dominant, wants to be in charge, and over-indulging. In contrast, her husband “Henry” is a “Nat Mur”. Some characteristics of Natrum Muriaticum are: introverted, hide their feelings, avoid company, and hate sympathy. Many people ask me, how did you find out about their personality. My answer is simple, “Observation” is the key. I have spent many hours watching their behaviour and so know what they are like.

KimChi laid eggs recently, which was followed by bleeding, irritability and exhaustion. To help her, I gave her a dose of liquid Cinchona which is a known remedy for exhaustion due to anemia and loss of fluid. I put it in her water and with a plastic tablespoon encouraged her to sip it. I also used Calendula externally, which is an effective antiseptic. She recovered very well!

Homeopathy is advanced; it is green, it is friendly to environment, ecology and economy. Thus many big corporations that are interested in patenting medicine and mass producing medications that are not intended to heal; these are the ones who are against or concerned about development of Homeopathy. Therefore, they use all tools that they have to promote skepticism and calling it a placebo.

Well, if it is a placebo, then why does it work on infants and animals such as Kim Chi and Henry?

I do not believe in Homeopathy because it is a religion – it is rather a comprehensive combination of art and science. Homeopathy is indeed a medical science waiting for modern-science to catch up!

(Story provided by Iman Navab.)