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Homeopathy in 30 Days: True or False (1)

Lessons 1 – 7

  1. During fever, someone who needs Arsenicum album may have a hot head and cold body.
  2. By using homeopathy, a person can stay healthy even though they eat highly processed food and often don’t get enough sleep.
  3. The immune system is the more modern understanding of the Vital Force.
  4. Diseases within the body affect the Vital Force so that it can no longer keep us in good health.
  5. The word ‘homeopathy’ means ‘similar suffering’.
  6. With our knowledge of the Law of Similars we can be confident that the cause of a problem also has the potential to cure it.
  7. Homeopathy was introduced to the world as a medicinal therapy after the founder, Samuel Hahnemann, cured himself of malaria by it.
  8. China officinalis is a useful remedy for weakness following loss of body fluids.
  9. The term ‘proving’ refers to the growing body of research that proves the efficacy of homeopathy.
  10. Homeopathic pathogenetic trials (HPTs) test various substances on the sick so we know what they treat.
  11. Animals are not used during homeopathic pathogenetic trials, only humans.
  12. Side-effects from conventional medicines can be considered a type of proving
  13. The homeopathic materia medicia is comprised of symptom information drawn from provings, poisonings, and drownings.
  14. Once an ambulance has been called, it’s too late to use homeopathic first-aid remedies.
  15. Ledum palustre is one of the remedies to think of for tetanus prevention or treatment.

Answers are in the forum in the thread, Day 7: Answers to True or False Questions (1)

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