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Homeopathy in 30 Days: True or False (2)

Lessons 8 – 16

  1. I’ve twisted and sprained my back. I can walk and work as long as I lie down to rest it every hour or so. I think a 6 hourly dose of my 30C remedy will be appropriate.
  2. I’ve taken 6 doses of my remedy so far today, for a sore throat. It was getting better but now everything is worse. As I was doing so well, I must need to take my remedy more often.
  3. Arnica is a useful remedy for bruising following childbirth and falls.
  4. Because of their size, babies can’t tolerate the same amount of remedy as an adult. The dose must be reduced to match their body weight.
  5. Intense symptoms usually need more frequent doses of a remedy than do mild symptoms.
  6. Potentisation refers to the serial dilution and jarring agitation of a remedy
  7. Succussion refers to the jarring agitation given to a remedy between each dilution stage.
  8. Centesimal potencies are diluted to a ratio of 1 in 10.
  9. A 6C potency is given 6 succussions between each stage of potentisation
  10. Once a remedy has been potentised to 6C, it no longer contains any molecules of the source material.
  11. Schuessler’s Tissue Salts are potentised to the decimal scale.
  12. The homeopathic effect only occurs with potentised remedies.
  13. In homeopathy, hypersensitivity refers to individuals who react strongly to odours and perfumes.
  14. Olfaction doses are best for babies and young children as they are likely to over-react to pill or liquid remedies.
  15. Modalities are situations and circumstances that affect a symptom by making it better or worse.
  16. Remedies prescribed according to common symptoms help homeopathy treat the largest number of people, possible.
  17. Ledum palustre is commonly needed for ear infections.
  18. Serious symptoms within a materia medica are bolded to alert you to obtain medical advice.
  19. Unique and individualising symptoms are the best guide to the most helpful remedy.
  20. Allopathy means ‘opposite’ or ‘anti’ disease which is why there are antibiotics, antihistamines, and anti-inflammatories.

Answers are in the forum in the thread, Day 22: Answers to True or False Questions (2)

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