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Homeopathy in Haiti


Good news from Haiti about the registration of their first homeopathic association. Holly Manoogian from Homeopaths Without Borders says:

“It is official: the Association d’Homeopathes Communautaire have officially registered the first homeopathic organization in Haiti with the Ministère des Affaires Social et du Travail. This group, our first graduating class (13) of community homeopaths from the Fundamentals Homeopathy Program, is serious about bringing homeopathy to their communities and throughout the nation—permanently. It’s remarkable that just a year ago this group gathered for their first introductory session to homeopathy. And now, 12 months later they are determined to bring homeopathy to others on a national-level—extremely impressive and inspirational.”

As you read more of what is happening in Haiti, please consider making a donation. A little bit from us stretches a very long way for them.

More Information: Haitian Homeopathes Communitaires Form Professional Association

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