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Homeopathy made simple: Treating ‘family and friend’ ailments

bigstock-Be-Different-876174_zps650248ae-300x217“In this Part 2, we progress to using homeopathy for simple acute complaints such as coughs, colds, and headaches that affect family and friends. Because everyone experiences these complaints differently, and because the remedies needed by each will also be different, more thought is required for these problems than what is necessary for first-aid injuries. Let’s look at the common cold as an example.”

If you are wondering what will be taught at the Easy Homeopathy Seminars, this article gives you a taster of what will be in Seminar 2.

Can’t come to the seminar? No problem as the same material will be presented again by webinar on Sunday 30th – more information to follow.

More Information: Homeopathy Made Simple: Treating ‘Family and Friend’ Ailments

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