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Homeopathy for pregnancy and beyond

pregnancyDrs Hilal and Manzoor discuss homeopathic remedies traditionally used during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

For example, the following remedies are potentially useful for after the birth:

▪ Aconite: for shock following the fear of the intensity of birth, in yourself, your partner or your baby
▪ Arnica: to relieve soreness, bruising and after-pains. Also helpful for babies who are bruised (from a long labour or a forceps delivery). If you are still sore after three days, take Bellis perennis to help with bruising to deep muscle tissues
▪ Kali phos: for mental exhaustion after delivery, with headache, tiredness but too excited to sleep, especially in the first day or two after the birth
▪ Pulsatilla: post-natal ‘blues’, especially when the milk comes in. You feel utterly miserable and burst into tears at the slightest thing but you feel much better for being comforted.

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