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Homeopathy research projects

Loge-HomeopathicResearchInstitute_zpsd7150456In many countries homeopathy researchers find it difficult to attract research funding from their governments in spite of well-prepared applications.

One institute, established to facilitate this research, is now looking for independent funding for the following research projects:

  1. Case series of 20 children diagnosed with ADHD treated with homeopathy for a year.
  2. Depression – What is the role of treatment by homeopaths?
  3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) randomised controlled trial
  4. Online database of homeopathic scientific literature.
  5. Physics of homeopathic dilutions.
  6. Theories of homeopathic dilutions

If you would like to support the Homeopathy Research Institute and these valuable projects, we’d love to encourage you to make a contribution. Every little bit counts.

More Information: Homeopathy Research Institute

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