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Homeopathy Study: Arnica just as good as Ibuprofen for osteoarthritis of hands

An image of knobby hands and fingers with osteoarthritis Do you worry about the risks of using Ibuprofen for your arthritic hands? Homeopathy may help.

In this study, researchers compared the effects of Ibuprofen and Arnica across 204 people, and found they had similar benefits … and side effects.

Good news for arthritis sufferers, but why the side effects? Isn’t homeopathy meant to be safe?

Yes, but only in potentised form. In this study, the Arnica was applied as a tincture rather than in potency. Potentisation – the process of repeatedly diluting and agitating a substance – makes a safe and more effective medicine; the stages of dilution remove the harmful chemicals while the agitations strengthen the substance’s therapeutic effect. If the researchers had used potentised Arnica and only gave the remedy to those with true Arnica symptoms (differing symptoms need different remedies) the results would be much more positive.

More Information: Choosing between NSAID and arnica for topical treatment of hand osteoarthritis in a randomised, double-blind study.