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Homeopathy survived plot in Brazil


News travels rapidly around the world these days, but it was not always so. Homeopathy Heals Me carries a report about the “heavy fire” homeopathy was under in Brazil from a pharmaceutical giant and a compromised press in the early 2000s, and how it was eventually overcome by people-power. For those of us outside Brazil, we are only now starting to hear about it.

Read of the witch-hunt against pharmacists, the banning of homeopathic remedies, inspections by health authorities on homeopathic pharmacies under the guise of quality control and weekly doses of propaganda via the media against homeopathy – and all this in a country where homeopathy had long been a low-cost traditional form of medicine.

When magician and leader of the worldwide (pseudo)skeptic network, James Randi, eventually arrived to add his support to the attack, the Brazilian community rose up in anger. The report says his past life came under investigation and he was eventually asked to leave Brazil as a persona non grata and under charges of sedition.

In an interesting and potentially useful aside, the report mentions how the gay community was also incensed by the presence of Randi because of their success with a homeopathic remedy for AIDS.

And the reason for these attacks on homeopathy? Apparently they were an attempt to block the development of new homeopathic pharmaceutical plant which was eventually constructed in 2003.

More Information: Big Pharma’s Plot Against Homeopathy In Brazil

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