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Homeopathy to Replace Antibiotics for Farm Animal Diseases?

Homeopathy to Replace Antibiotics for Farm Animal Diseases? 9Will homeopathy replace antibiotics for farm animals in Europe? We are confident it will as it is already being used extensively by UK and EU farmers for this very purpose.

Europe wants to phase out antibiotics for farm animal diseases and is spending £1.8million on research to assess if homeopathy is a viable alternative.

The European Parliament’s agriculture committee agreed to spend two million euros on investigating whether cattle, sheep and pigs can benefit will benefit from the homeopathic approach.

UK Vet, Geoff Johnson is convinced they will. He says,

’Homeopathy is an invaluable tool on the farm, used by many farmers in the UK together with conventional treatment to reduce reliance on antibiotics. I’ve seen first-hand how effective homeopathy has been in treating sick animals…”


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