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Homeopathy Treats when the Cause is Unknown

Homeopathy Treats when the Cause is Unknown 11What is homeopathy really good at? Providing treatment when the cause or disease is still unknown.

This thought came to mind on hearing how Michael Lynagh – one of Australia’s greatest rugby union players – was admitted to hospital with blurred vision and headaches. He was quite unwell but as there was no obvious cause for these symptoms, a diagnosis could not be made and without a diagnosis, active treatment could not start.

How different it is with homeopathy, where the name of the disease or disorder is of secondary importance for treatment. Within minutes of knowing the just the symptoms, a remedy is prescribed and the body aided in its self- healing efforts; treatment has started, something that makes a big difference for survival and recovery in a crisis situation.

As it is, after several days, Michael was finally diagnosed as having had a stroke. Therapy, depending on the type of stroke, was started… but things could have been so much quicker. We wish you well in your recovery, Michael.

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