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Homeopathy used for Swine flu

swineSwine Flu continues to trouble India, and homeopaths have been setting up clinics for people to easily obtain the homeopathic preventatives. Dr Patel at the Vadodara clinic says:

“Homeopathy can sure help in curtailing the surge of H1N1 cases. There are a few medicines that can be effective as preventive measures. The spreading infection has increased the enquiries and we are giving them the indicated remedies which are of course helping them.”

The Times of India reports that the clinic is planning to distribute around 25,000 doses of the homeopathic medicine, free of cost, in the coming few days. “The medicines that homeopathy offers act as preventive in a certain dose and can also cure the infection in a higher doses. Anxiety and panic caused due to the spreading virus can also be treated through homeopathy,” said homeopath Dr Piyush Joshi.

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