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Homeoprophylaxis: Study re-evaluated and results hold true

1966881_783675988328845_852677392_nA re-evaluation of study in which homeopathy was used to protect millions of people during a leptospirosis epidemic in Cuba has just been published. It again showed that homeopathy dramatically reduced the rate of infection and should be considered for other epidemic diseases. The objectives and conclusions of the paper were:

Objectives: In 2007 and 2008, Cuban health officials conducted large homoeoprophylaxis interventions against rising rates of leptospirosis caused by extensive hurricane damage. Published results showed that the interventions were highly successful, but some questions regarding possible confounders were raised. The objective of this research was to assess the influence of potential confounders on initial results.

Conclusions: The results support the previous conclusions that homoeoprophylaxis can be used to effectively immunize people against targeted infectious diseases such as leptospirosis.

More Information:
A Reevaluation of the Effectiveness of Homoeoprophylaxis Against Leptospirosis in Cuba in 2007 and 2008