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How to Stress a Mouse

How to Stress a Mouse 4Scientists, in two pooled studies, gave white mice the homeopathic remedy, Gelsemium, and then placed them under stress to see if it helped them cope with anxiety.
Fortunately, they were stressed with nothing more than bright lights and darkness, but we did give a little cheer for those that were clever enough to abscond by jumping out of the test area.
The result of all this stress? The studies showed the mice coped better when given the homeopathic remedy, Gelsemium sempervirens.
But was there a need for this experiment? Gelsemium was tested on humans over a century ago and has been used since to regularly treat anxiety states, especially especially when the muscles weaken and tremble, the person feels heavy and dull, diarrhoea occurs, and the conflict or responsibility is avoided at all cost.
Gelsemium also treats much more than anxiety. Types of flu, headaches and paralysis also respond well.
More Information: Testing Homeopathy in Mouse Emotional Response Models: Pooled Data Analysis of Two Series of Studies
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