HRI Conference 2015 Rome

  • Dr Fisher discusses the ‘Biggest problem facing public health:

– Multimorbidity, polypharmacy, antimicrobial resistance and adverse drug reactions

  • He also says that homeopathy is not against vaccinations and that Hahnemann was for vaccinations
  • Scotland study – Multimorbidity is common – from the age of 65 it is very common. He says the solution is to decrease diseases and treat the person and not the disease.
  • Areas to target: Respiratory tract infections, musculoskeletal pain, mental health
  • Antibacterial Resistance: Huge costs and enormous amounts of deaths
  • Adverse drug reactions in US: Cause of 4.6% of deaths, top 5 causes of death, hospitalized 6.5%, Causing prolonged hospital stays (costing US$3.5bn/year)
  • Polypharmacy: 40% of US over 65, 12% take 10 or more daily, 51% of European care home residents take 6 or more
  • Randomized controlled trials of homeopathy:

– May 2015: 1117 clinical trials of homeopathy

– 298 randomized controlled trials

– 45% positive, 45% inconclusive, <10% negative

  • 5 Systematic reviews/meta – analyses of homeopathy as a whole

– 4 positive

– 1 negative

– Positive for specific conditions such as allergies and upper respiratory tract infections

See below video:

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