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Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour in Children and its Homeopathic Treatment

Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour in Children and its Homeopathic Treatment 1
An online news service recently carried an article about inappropriate sexual behaviour in children and what parents could do:

It said in part:

“It’s a minefield that every parent must navigate carefully – what is normal sexual behaviour among their kids.
While playing “doctor and nurse” may be fine, parents are being warned to watch for “red light” cases that can be a harmful and worrying trend of early sexual behaviour.”

The article sounded like a promotion (for a book) dressed up as a story but it did make me think of one of our homeopathic remedies, Hyoscyamus niger (Hyos) and how it is often needed for just such behaviour – and not just by children but adults, too.

Of course, parents usually don’t take their children to homoeopaths specifically for this problem. Thinking there is little that can be done they try to minimise it, hoping it’s just an ‘interesting’ variation of normal behaviour that will soon pass. The problem usually only comes to light from questions in the case-taking process when parents have taken the child to the homeopath for a different problem. Parents will tell of a variety sensual behaviours such as: uncomfortable kisses; ‘toilet talk’; inappropriate touching or obsessiveness with other people’s body parts (breasts and genitals being the main areas); a tendency to remove their own clothing; touching themselves in public; and seemingly getting pleasure from the shock or discomfort they create in others with these behaviours.

When children who have never been exposed to sexual matters start to behave in this manner, the parents are obviously concerned and confused. They don’t want to excessively correct the child for fear of setting up a lifetime of angst about sexuality but if they choose to ignore the behaviour, find that the child just does it all the more as if to deliberately annoy. It can be a difficult problem to manage.

Which brings us back to Hyos. It is frequently well-suited to over-sexualised behaviour in either children or adults. Other helpful remedies also exist but Hyos is especially useful when the child is prone to jealousy, foolishness, silly, irritating behaviour they refuse to stop, anxiety about water, twitching, jerking and grimacing, and restless hands that constantly move, touch and pull at things. While not all these symptoms have to be present before Hyos can be prescribed, some degree of similarity should exist. In pronounced cases, epilepsy and mania may be present.

When parents in my clinic first hear that a homeopathic remedy like Hyos can return their child’s over-sexualised behaviour back to normal they usually look at me with disbelief but within a week of taking a dose, significant changes have usually taken place. By the next appointment, some weeks later, I normally hear that the silly behaviour and jealousy have reduced – or gone completely – along with the inappropriate sexuality. All this and more from one simple remedy.

On reading this, if you are wondering if treatment has to be forever, the answer is no. As with any form of homeopathic treatment, when physical and behavioural symptoms improve, the remedy is given less often. Once the symptoms have stopped so is the remedy as the child is back to a healthy state and no further treatment is needed.

If your child has this embarrassing and annoying problem, hopefully it helps to know that its not “just the way they are” but  an imbalance that can be corrected. To achieve this, please see a reputable and qualified homeopath who can help you in your child’s treatment. The bonus is that as their precocious behaviour improves with treatment, so will their other health problems and life will become easier and more pleasant for all.

Fran Sheffield (Homeopath)


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