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Leptospirosis and Other Epidemics – Is Homeopathy the Answer?

Leptospirosis and Other Epidemics - Is Homeopathy the Answer? 4“Infectious diseases are still the bane of humanity, particularly in the developing world. Anything which appears to reduce infection rates in a potentially fatal infection, particularly when it can be prepared and delivered quickly, safely and cost effectively, has to be taken seriously and studied further.”

So says Dr Sarah Eames, President of the British Faculty of Homeopathy in response to the largest study of homeopathy ever conducted in which homeopathy was associated with a dramatic reduction in Cuba’s annual leptospirosis epidemic.

Dr Peter Fisher, Editor of Homeopathy and Fellow of the British Faculty of Homeopathy, similarly notes “This is a very large study and its results, if confirmed, have huge potential impact.  We need more research into the effectiveness of homeopathic preparations in preventing infectious diseases, complications, and the economic viability of a homeopathic approach.”

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