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Study: Homeopathic Remedies Improved Sleep Patterns

A decorative image of a young woman resting on a pile of books for this article on homeopathy for sleep problems.

Young adults with a history of coffee-related insomnia, who also demonstated cynical hostility or anxiety sensitivity on personality tests, were enrolled in a sleep study to assess if homeopathic remedies affected their quality of sleep.

Electrodes were attached to their bodies to record on a polysomnograph, their brain waves, eye and limb movements and heart rate.

This objective approach had previously shown improvement in the non rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep of animals following certain homeopathic remedies but this was the first time it had been used to assess if they had the same effect with humans.

Only two remedies were used in the study. Participants also kept a written record of their progress.

The study showed that compared to placebo, NREM and total sleep time was significantly increased with the use of the homeopathic remedies.

Source: Sleep Medicine (Official Journal of the World Association of Sleep Medicine and International Pediatric Sleep Association). Effects of homeopathic medicines on polysomnographic sleep of young adults with histories of coffee-related insomnia.

Other Information

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