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Instructions for Turning Pills into Liquid Remedies

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that heals by “energy” rather than chemicals.

Sugar pills, pellets, and water are used as carriers to transfer energetic information to the body to stimulate a healing response.

While sugar pills are a convenient and delicious way to do this, a mild and temporary worsening of symptoms (an aggravation) may occur if  given when not needed, too frequently, or to a person who is highly sensitive to homeopathic remedies. This aggravation is not harmful and settles when you stop giving the remedy.

Aggravations in sensitive people are avoided by giving smaller than normal doses, something that is easily done if the pill is first dissolved in water. The most surprising thing is that its energetic effects are not halved or quartered when this is done – as would be expected with a conventional, chemical medicine – but just ‘softened’ so it is less likely to aggravate; and it still works just as well for those who are not over-sensitive.

Another benefit of turning your pills into liquids is that their potency can be altered before each dose, by succussion, so that each dose works at a slightly deeper level than the previous dose. (Succussion is hitting the base of the bottle on the palm of your hand firmly. This potentises the remedy slightly so that each dose works at a slightly different level and so is less likely to aggravate.)

In addition, because each pill can be turned into literally hundreds of liquid doses it is an easy way to extend the life of your remedies while saving a little money.

So how exactly do you do it? Here are the instructions:

Using a Cup to Turn Your Pill (Pellet) into a Liquid Remedy

  1. Choose the remedy that most closely matches your symptoms.
  2. Drop one pill of the remedy into approximately ¼ cup of water and gently stir until dissolved.
  3. Before each dose, briskly agitate the liquid with a spoon for 5 seconds. This mimics succussion and potentises the remedy slightly so that it works more deeply and is less likely to aggravate (ie., temporarily worsen the symptoms).
  4. Dose according to the intensity of your symptoms, either as advised in How Often Should I Take a Dose of My Remedy, or by your homeopath. A dose is generally one small sip, or a teaspoon amount from the cup.  Babies or small animals can be given a smaller amount but this is not essential – they will do just as well with a teaspoon dose if it is not too much liquid for them.
  5. Keep the remedy away from light by covering it with a saucer between doses. Your remedy will be fine to use in this manner for one or two days – plenty of time to treat an acute complaint.

Using a Bottle to Turn Your Pill (Pellet) into a Liquid Remedy

  1. Fill a 20-30ml dropper bottle two thirds full of water. (The remaining air space provides room for the remedy to be agitated during succussion.)
  2. Label the bottle with the remedy name, potency, and date of preparation.
  3. Drop one pill into the bottle and gently “swish” to dissolve. It is now ready to use.
  4. Succuss the bottle five times before each dose.
  5. Dose according to the intensity of your symptoms, either as advised in How Often Should I Take a Dose of My Remedy or  by your homeopath. One dose is 5-7 drops, or about a ¼ of a dropper. Again, the amount is not critical, and babies or small animals can be given less.


1. Because the bottle does not contain a preservative to stop the growth of mould and bacteria, store your remedy in the refrigerator and replace it at monthly intervals. If you would like to use your liquid remedies for much longer, brandy can be added – its alcohol content will act as a preservative. Just add 1/3 of brandy to 2/3 of water. Your liquid remedies are now safe to be stored at room temperature for twelve months or more.

2. Homeopathic pills (pillules, gobules, pellets) are made from sucrose or lactose and will dissolve fully in the water (Note: Those supplied by Homeopathy Plus are prepared on sucrose). If you have purchased homeopathic tablets instead of pills, binding and bulking material mixed with the sucrose or lactose will not dissolve but settle as a powder at the bottom of the cup or bottle. This is perfectly safe – just ignore it and use the liquid.