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Let’s look at homeopathy for malaria

antimalariaOnce again, a combination homeopathic treatment has produced a significant antimalarial effect when tested in vivo on mice. The treatment was also found to be non-harmful on their kidney and liver function. The researchers stated, “Homeopathy, a holistic system of medicine, has a lot to offer in protecting against malaria.”

This study is another one that reaffirms what is seen in the field when prophylactics are used. It’s time to look beyond self-interest, remove the barriers, and let those who bear the burden of this disease have access to the help homeopathy offers. It’s hard but the alternative is millions continuing to live and die in misery from this disease. We have the ability to make a difference… and we’ve had it for some time. Let’s use it.

More Information: Antimalarial potential of China 30 and Chelidonium 30 in combination therapy against lethal rodent malaria parasite: Plasmodium berghei.

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