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Making a case for the sweet homeopathy pill

10300008_839461629416947_3116974529964002705_nDr Batra writes a strong article in favour of homeopathy. The following are just two extracts from what he has to say:

“Consider these facts: No one has ever died from taking homeopathy medicine. Allopathic drugs are the third largest killing agents in the US after heart attacks and other illnesses. An observational study of 6,544 patients during a six-year period featuring over 23,000 homeopathic consultations was published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine a few years ago. Its results showed that 70.7 per cent of patients reported positive health changes, with 50.7 per cent recording their improvement as “better” or “much better.”


“Homeopathy has never shied away from being tested. It, in fact, conducted double-blind, placebo-controlled studies as far back as the early 1800s. Conventional medicine, embarked on its first placebo-controlled study only in 1948. Homeopathy also pioneered the concept of multicentre study which eliminates the influence of unexpected variables such as ethnic factors and human error. The first multicentre study of a homeopathic remedy was conducted in 1906. Such a study of an allopathic drug was conducted only in 1944.”

Dr Batra has a lot more to say in this interesting defence.

More Information: Making a case for the sweet pill

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