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The man with his head in an invisible vice

viceDr Phil Whitaker tells an interesting story in the New Statesman about the unusual and seemingly untreatable symptoms of one of his patients – and what eventually resolved them.

He also says:

“Medicine is a lifelong education. The training that we get in our early years is only a starter guide. Life experiences (our own and those of family and friends), the patients we encounter and the stories we hear continue to expand and refine our understanding of the myriad ways human beings work and don’t work. As well as learning lessons from chiropractors, I have also seen startling results with homeopathy, acupuncture and psychotherapy. Yet these kinds of approaches are frequently derided by conventional doctors, who reject them because they can’t be understood in our current scientific terms.”

We agree completely. Homeopathic practices are mostly made up of happy people who were unable to be helped by a conventional approach.

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